ModernArt is the line that stands out for its high elegance and its universality of combination with every furnishing style or architectural solution.

ModernArt is a frameless light-box, the absence of the front border, which is just 1mm or 1,5 mm, lets the image be totally back illuminated with no frontal barriers.

The thickness of the frame, contained in 2 cm, makes its presence on the wall rather light even if the framework, varnished of several colours, is made up metal thus granting its solidity.

The backlighting is Edge LED 12v o 24v.

The ModernArt LED picture frames  are  minimalist and essential , they are furnishing accessories of high ornamental effect and they illuminate the room with low Watt amount consumed without producing  disturbing light.

The frameless  LED Lightbox can be personalized with any graphic subjects, printed or painted on Acrylic.

The image is protected thanks to a particular treatment that makes it washable and not perishable.

The printed subject is evenly backlighted.

We provide the ModernArt  LED light picture frame with backlit print already ready to be hung and switched on.

Usually the ModernArt LED picture frame can be switched by means of a switch or a earth switch.

The radio frequency  remote control with the on/off functions  and the regulation of the luminous intensity is optional .

The series colours for the LED frames are : white, black, silver. On demand  we can provide more than 500 colour shades from bright colours to opaque colours  and even special colours like chrome, gold, rust.

The ModernArt is suitable for interior design, art galleries, offices, trade fair stands design, show rooms, meeting rooms.