CoverLine is the LED light-box line which enables an easy and quick replacement of the image by means of a simple removal of the cover.

The cover wraps totally the LED light-box thus becoming a single body in order to protect the image through the completely transparent polycarbonate screen.

The backlighting is is Edge LED.

The border of the frame , being a single body doesn’t show any weld joints or fissures and so it doesn’t show annoying threads of light in the corners.

The thickness of the frame varies from 1,5 cm to 2,5 cm.

The fastening may be on the wall by means of fixings  in the perimeter or  on the ceiling and  on the floor by means of hooks or aluminium straps.

The printed subject is evenly backlighted.

The images are printed in high quality on translucent film , we also provide a great amount of printed material.

We provide the CoverLine LED light boxes ready to be hung and switched on.

Usually the CoverLine LED light boxes can be switched on by means of a switch or earth switch.

The radio- frequency remote control with On/Off functions and the regulation of the luminous flux is optional.

The Line CoverLine is suitable for retail shop design, art galleries, offices, banks, trade fair stands design, show rooms, interior design, communities, restaurants,  meeting rooms.

The series colours for the LED frames are: white, black, silver. On demand  we can provide more than 500 colour shades from bright colours to opaque colours  and even special colours like chrome, gold, rust.