We are a group of Venetian artisans who carry out the project Photoled, putting together our competencies, which are the result of many years experience.

Our job consists in projecting and realizing solutions for the backlighting of images, LED lightbox frames, frameles LED light box, LED picture Frame for different sectors as interior design, retail shop design, art galleries, offices, trade fair stands design, show rooms, meeting rooms, photographic galleries, furniture accessories, furniture design.

Our products are planned and realized entirely in the province of Padua, not far from Venice.


We invent, design, work wood and metal, varnish, use different LED backlighting solutions, we work the Acrylic and the Polycarbonate, we take care of the graphic elaboration and printing in different stays for the backlighting.

We carefully choose the employed materials and the working stages are carefully carried out.

Our principal goal is that of realizing high quality products trying to satisfy totally the customers’ expectations.

We are able to personalise the final products in nearly all the elements they are made up of dimension, colour, temperature and intensity of the LED light, printing support, hooking system starting and management of the luminous flux.

Our products are realized  one by one in an artisanal way, using adequate technologies and high quality materials .


We send our articles throughout the whole world by means of international couriers.
We particularly take care of the protection of our products so as to make them face the shipment in the safest way possible.

We furthermore create the packaging according to the fragility of the product we have to send.